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See how an EV charger is helping Leeds Golf Centre

Zero Cost.
Zero Hassle.
Zero Emissions.

Golf Clubs can gain many benefits from having an EV charger on-site. Not only does it create a new revenue stream, it also provides increased footfall, modernises the club facilities, and adds to your corporate social responsibility.

New Revenue Stream

Increase incidental spend from members and non-members as a result of the added “dwell time” whilst a car is charging at the club.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Hit the green in regulation, reducing your carbon footprint and working toward creating an environmentally sustainable golf club.

Modernise Your Facilities

Modernise your golf club by installing the latest technology and staying ahead of the curve by championing electric vehicles.

  • “Our charger has been used pretty much every single day since it was installed just over two months ago.”
    Nigel Sweet
    Nigel Sweet - Leeds Golf Centre

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See how an EV charger can help modernise your golf club.

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