Customer Service FAQs

Customer Service FAQs

Currently, our standard rate is 69p per kWh for both AC and DC chargers on our network. You can pay using a credit or debit card via the Zap-Pay button on the Zap-Map app. You can also pay by VISA, Mastercard, Apple Pay, or Google Pay via the QR Codes which are located on the sign board at each charging station as well as on the charger itself, or by using the NFC function on your phone and bringing it near to the NFC sticker on the signboard or charger.

To use Zap-Map & Zap-Pay as a payment method, you must download the app. If you would like to use NFC or scan the QR code as a method of payment, then it is not necessary to download the app.

With the Alfa Power Fast Charger, you may use NFC, scan a QR code or the use Zap Map to start stop and pay for a charging session.

–stands for Near Field Communication and is available on most modern smartphones and smartwatches. You may need to enable this function from the settings on your device. Once NFC is active, you can place your device near the NFC sticker attached to the charger. Your device will automatically open a webpage to confirm you want to charge at the location displayed. You can then choose the method of payment, VISA, Mastercard, Google Pay, or Apple Pay. If these options are already set up on your device, tapping the preferred method of payment will start the charge. To stop the charge, place your device near the NFC sticker again and follow the instructions to end the charging session.

QR Codes:
Connect your cable to both your car and the charger. Scan the QR code using the camera on your phone or a QR reader app. Follow the on-screen instructions for payment. Press Start to initiate the charge on your mobile. Once finished, press End. Remove the cable from the charger.

Connect your cable to your car Do NOT connect to the EV charger until asked to do. Open the Zap-Map app on your smartphone. Search for the postcode of the charger, the name of the site, or the charger ID to locate the charger you want to use. (e.g. Brighouse Service Station). Then, tap the marker for the charger on the map. Select Zap Pay and follow the instructions to select your charger socket. Connect your cable to the charger. Select Start Charging. Once finished, press Stop charging and unlock your cable.
To order an RFID fob, you must first download the My Alfa Power App from the iOS or Google Play Store.

Next, create or log into your account and navigate to your profile using the navigation bar at the bottom of the page. Once in your profile, select Charging Key and then Order new charging key. Finally, choose Add address and complete the form with your name and full address. Once the order is received our team will assign and ship your RFID fob.
To change your password or the payment card associated with your account, please navigate to the Profile tab on the app.

If you would like to change your password, you must select the Change Password tab.

If you would like to change your payment card, you must select Payment Option and add your card.
You can call us free on 0113 335 1765. Alternatively, you can get online support at m.me/alfapoweruk.
You can locate our chargers on the Alfa Power website, Zap-Map, Bonnet and WattsUp.
All current and next-generation electric vehicles can use an Alfa Power charger.

What charging connectors do you have on the Alfa Power fast and rapid charger?

Our rapid charger has a CCS connector, a CHAdeMO connector, a Type 2 connector and a Type 2 open socket.

Our fast charger has two Type 2 open sockets.
To use the Alfa Power Fast Charger, you must have your own Type 2 Cable.

To use the Alfa Power Rapid Charger, you will only need a cable to use the open socket a Type 2 cable would be required.
No, once you download the app from the iOS or Google Play Store, you have to register your details. When you have the app, you will be given the option to choose your method of payment. You can start and stop your charging session and manage and control your account.

Please send an email to info@myalfapower.com with information about when and where you attempted to charge. We would then do our utmost best to resolve the issue by working with our partners.

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